Founded in 1989 SIC Divisione Elettronica srl is one of the leading manufacturers of marine electronics, safety lights and components of fuel management systems for commercial, leisure and defence markets. It is also branching into the automotive and aeronautic sectors and in the market of alternative energy sources.

The company prides itself on its highly professional team of experts with multi-annual experience in the area, cutting edge know-how, and its ability to offer innovative solutions in the development and manufacture of customized and OEM products that comply with the norms of quality of ISO 9001 – VISION 2000. SIC Divisione Elettronica srl conducts the following stages of product development and production in-house:

  • product concept generation;
  • research and development in the field of electronics and mechanics;
  • research and development in the field of plastic products and components;
  • complete production cycle of the majority of products and components;
  • testing and quality control.

The advantage of having our own R&D department in-house allows us to offer highly competitive products-market leaders in their respective categories. In addition our business model enables us to control the entire production cycle and to assume complete responsibility for the performance and quality of our products.

Our national and international presence is growing daily. We have a net-work of dealers that expands from Italy to every European country, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries.

Today SIC Divisione Elettronicais a limited responsibility society with a single partner Giorgio Aguglia, who founded the company and followed its every step and stage of development…

“Success of every company is determined by the capacity of people that constitute its principal axis to work together in harmony sharing common goal. It is people and their attitude that determine the company’s destiny. Following this logic my company is created of people, and its people are its biggest asset and its engine. This is a determiner of the company’s success. It is clear that in order to win there should be a visionary who with his example, his inspiration, his attitude and his the way to do things, generates a sparkle from which everything else originates. Behind the success of our company there is such a visionary, to whom I dedicate the successes of these years. This is a person whose sacrifices, effort and dedication to work have always been and will continue to be for me an example to be followed daily. This person is engineer Gianluigi Aguglia – my father, who always centred his life around his work and his family making courageous choices and paying high price, living by the standards of honesty and moral rectitude, which always distinguished him.”

Giorgio Aguglia