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Universal Digital Instrument 12/24 v, programmabile

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INTERNATIONAL PATENT. Available with ferrules of different shapes and colors. The digital measuring instrument is an original patented device because the same device can be pre-programmed and dedicated to the measurement of any value (voltage, current, temperature, pressure, fuel consumption, etc.) inside a boat , ship, truck or car. One model fits all scope. The software is available for free on our website. The display can be programmed to perform 10 different indication functions. Voltmeter Amporemeter Fuel level indication Water level indication Average consumption indication Oil pressure indication Engine oil temperature indication Engine water temperature indication Air temperature indication Time Distance. Display area of instrument is bigger than other traditional instruments but its overall dimensions are much smaller. This allows you to save space on the dashboard and create better aesthetic solutions. The distributor has the advantage of having to keep only one type of measuring instrument in stock and programming the specific indication functions to meet the demands of a particular type of instrument from its customers. The measuring instrument sends an audible or visual alarm in the event that a measured value exceeds the pre-programmed limits.