SIC DIVISIONE ELETTRONICA, founded in 1989, certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, is a leader in the nautical and merchant marine sector for the production of electronic equipment (emergency signaling, level indicators, tanks), as well as being active in the automotive and alternative energy sectors.

SIC NAVY, supported by professionals with decades of experience and cutting-edge know-how in the fields of electronics and mechanics, provides its international clientele with high-quality and high-tech equipment. Clients can rely on SIC Navy not only for all existing products but also to develop new innovative products, for which our staff finds unique solutions that make the difference.

In its production facilities, taking advantage of an internal Electronics and Mechanics R&D division, SIC Navy is able to offer products that are always competitive and successful. The product is monitored at every stage, from design to various production phases, up to final quality controls. SIC Navy is present throughout Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and other countries.

Our production facilities are in Lecce, in the heel of Italy, where we will be pleased to welcome our clients.

Today, SIC DIVISIONE ELETTRONICA is a limited liability company with a sole shareholder, Giorgio (Jorge Miguel) Aguglia, who is the founder of the company and has overseen every step and milestone…The success of a company is determined by the ability of the people, who form its backbone, to work together in harmony, sharing a common goal. It is the people, with their behaviour, who determine its destiny. Following this logic, SIC has made the group, and therefore the people, its strength, the driving element, and it is to this that it has tied its success. However, it is clear that to achieve victories, there must be an inspirer, someone who, through example, behaviour, and approach, generates the spark from which everything originates. Behind the success of our company, too, there is an inspirer, to whom the positive results achieved over these years are dedicated, a person whose sacrifices, commitment, and dedication to work have been and continue to be a daily example for me to follow. This person is Eng. Gianluigi Aguglia, my father, who has always approached life by placing work and family at the centre, making courageous choices and paying a high price for them, all in the name of honesty and moral integrity, which have always distinguished him.

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Company Founding

J.M.Aguglia establishes the company SIC Difesa Elettronica S.a.s. within the Salento Industrie Chimiche S.p.A. company. Initial share capital €20,658; Development of FISHERMAN, the first low-cost electronic buoy for fishing with over a month's autonomy.


Expansion to Regional Markets

RINA certification for the products SOTERFOS – life belt light and ALTAIR – electric buoy for lifebuoys; On 7 June the SIC Electronics Division with limited liability was established.


Introduction of Advanced Technology

KTR product homologation in February.


ISO Certification

On June 26th the first capital increase of the SIC Electronics Division took place from €20,658 to €51,646.


Community Outreach

Approval of the ASTERIA product in May.


Community Outreach

In June JAR-21 POA certification with which the company is authorized to produce and approve aircraft parts. Start of sale Level meters.


Community Outreach

Further capital increase of the SIC Electronics Division from €51,646 to €286,000. Obtaining ISO 9001/1994 Quality Certification.


Community Outreach

GEMINI product approval.


Community Outreach

Approval of the level sensors and of the DEFENDER product (distress light for life rafts. In August the GEMINI SALINA product was approved. 2 patents relating to Defender were obtained. In October the SEARCHER product (for LIFEBOARD) was approved.


Community Outreach

On 4 June J.M.Aguglia acquired 100% of the shares of SIC Difesa Elettronica which became an S.r.l. sole owner Giorgio Aguglia; Obtaining RINA Certification as an Authorized Laboratory.


Community Outreach

On 25 July Giorgio Aguglia took over the remaining shares of Plastronic S.rl., which are now constituted: 51% SIC Electronic Division, 49% Giorgio Aguglia. International approval and patent of a universal digital instrument. International patent Capacitive level sensor. This year the CONQUEROR product – belt light – was approved


Community Outreach

New production line of LED navigation lights; new LED lifebuoy buoy, KTR LED and further development of fuel tank models; Conclusion of the research project “Development of a recombined thermophotovoltaic panel – Vehor. International patent.


Community Outreach

Expansion of the headquarters with the construction of a new two-storey warehouse for a total of 3000 covered m2; Start-up of a research project for tanks made of nanofilled polymeric material; First participation in AIRTEC 2007.


Community Outreach

SIC purchases a new rotational molding machine and develops a series of new tanks for fuel, for white or black water, faired and to customer specifications.


Community Outreach

SIC's tank mold park is expanding and today the company is able to satisfy the most diverse needs of construction sites, with a range of tanks from a minimum of 30 liters to a maximum of 800 liters of capacity. The Company obtains the patent for the new Conqueror light.


Community Outreach

The SIC ELECTRONICS DIVISION develops the new line of under-hull and swimming pool lights. Using cutting-edge technology, it uses power LEDs for headlights from 30 to 150 W.


Community Outreach

The historic Asteria lifebelt light, known throughout the world, is "reborn" in the LED version: in a classic guise, which remains unchanged, the best of LED technology. The new patented Sic Division Elettronica Battery Charger panel is born.


Community Outreach

The Sic Electronics Division becomes energy independent thanks to the creation of a 100 KW photovoltaic system. The new Solas go into production: EV Lights, Vk and Winner.


Community Outreach

The new "Revenge" light and the 20 Ah reducer are created. The swimming pool lighthouse is born.


Community Outreach

The new fuel tanks in Polyamide PA6 enter production. The first production of the hybrid photovoltaic and thermal panel "RA" begins.


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