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REVENGE is a flashing distress lifejackets light . It is solas light approved and certified in compliance with LSA Code, Ris. IMO MSC 48(66), Ris. IMO 81(70), as amended, and MED Directives – European Ship Wheel.
Completely watertight, REVENGE gives out a very intense flashing light that covers the whole of the upper hemisphere and is equipped with an automatic switching system. It has an operating autonomy of more than 30 hours and it is powered by 2 Alkaline batteries (LR6), supplied.
REVENGE is sealed with 2 safety hooks at the sides of the body of the light that prevent any opening. If the opening is forced, the casing of the device breaks.

The activation of REVENGE is automatic when the light is in contact with water. Its switch off, on the contrary, is run manually by a button, which is able to switch off the light in any working condition. When the light is into water, if it is manually switched off, it is possible to switch it on pushing the button for almost 2 seconds.

Technical specifications
– Autonomy: more than 30 hours
– Light emission exceeds 0.75 cd after 8 hours of work
– Flash rate more than 50 flashes/minute
– Highly technological (White very high efficiency LED), with compact dimensions and structure;
– Powered by 2 Alkaline batteries (LR6), each of 1.5 V
– The system is watertight and sealed.

REVENGE is the only emergency light patented EU1679258 REVENGE is classified as SUBMERGED EQUIPMENT (submerged or in continuous contact with water, IEC60945:2002 and IEC60945 corr.1:2008), the new european standard in force since 2021.

Additional information

Weight 0,077 kg
Dimensions 77 × 35 × 41 cm




Intensità luminosa

>> 0.75 cd.


Automatic Sea Water



Temperatura operativa

-20°C to +65°C (-4° F to + 149°F)